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There’s always something about your first. Am I right? Well, let me introduce you to my first start-to-finish duplex conversion. This home went on the market in April 2020, about 30 days after Canada reported its first confirmed COVID-19 cases. Strange to think that in the coming years that COVID will be a permanent marker in time. It was an uncertain time BUT this home had everything and more… 

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“It’s a stunning home, Jimmy. Doesn’t need a thing.”

Let me do my best to try and take you there right now. It was PERFECT. I mean that. Maybe you’d look at the photos and assume there might be an odour of mould, perhaps dampness that comes from fabrics attempting to withstand the test of time, but, I can assure you – this was a beautiful home. It was a time causal. You could genuinely feel the pride of ownership and how much the family loved their home. I will never forget it. 

There’s a human element to what we do at TTG for a living. Let me give you an example. We registered an offer on April 20th (yes, 4:20. Shout out to Lofty) and when the family saw our names on the offer sheet, I assumed they googled us and the next thing I know, we’ve got a DM from one of the family members. We learned it was an estate sale and that it was simply time to pass the home on. The family went on to share some sentiments on the home and the countless good times and memories they created in those 4 walls.  

The Tatum Group

I was quick to respond that it was glaringly obvious how special the home was. I spoke about our first impressions and how we genuinely felt the love/warmth/safety when we walked in. You can feel a home vs. a house.  

 Detached One Story Dwelling Converted Into A Legal Duplex In The Community Of Centremount, City of Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

We were lucky enough to own it in a very competitive seller’s market. We began the renovation. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was done well. Here’s an example: The wallpaper (There was A LOT of wallpaper) was installed so well that we couldn’t peel an edge or a seam. We brought in steamers, chemicals and perforators and still couldn’t get it to peel. We ended up having to replace far more drywall (some lath and plaster) than we anticipated. 

The tiles in the bathrooms were still perfect. Grout, silicon, spacing, everything. SO perfect in fact, we ended up having to repair sections of the subfloor when they wouldn’t budge.

We always expect to see SOME sort of mould or fungal growth in a home this age and this original. There was none. We went down to the studs – nothing. 

Anyways, that’s enough writing. Here’s the feature video and if you want to see even more pictures check out: https://thetatumgroup.com/property-item/122east8th/

Thanks for reading and always feel free to reach out to us. 


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